April 2019

Dartmouth College

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We’ve really come a long way since our first hackathon. After four iterations of HackDartmouth and our inaugural HackDay last spring, we’re more excited than ever to innovate this year!

This spring, HackDartmouth V will again combine experiential learning with friendly competition. With company-sponsored workshops and the chance to develop and refine skills, we’re bringing hundreds of students from across the nation to learn, hack, and create for a weekend.

The day of the event features twenty-four hours of coding, swag, and amazing prizes! Check out some of the projects from our past hackathons in the meantime!

import swag import hacking import questions

/* FAQ */

func what_is_a_hackathon() {

A hackathon is an event in which groups of hackers divided into teams develop a product. Hundreds of programmers get together to build something from scratch, be it a website, app, or some other product of their imagination. There will be lots of free food and prizes, as well as opportunities to work with representatives from various companies.

func who_can_attend() {

Any university student (undergraduate or graduate) is welcome to participate! We also admit high school students with parental permission. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come and see what participants are working on, though, so feel free to swing by.

func ok_if_no_experience() {

That's completely fine! You'll have plenty of opportunity to pick the brains of talented students around you. Furthermore, 24 hours is plenty of time to learn something new!

func require_idea_or_team() {

Nope! Although you can sign up with teammates (just tell us in your event registration), you can also sign up as an individual, and we will help place you on a team during the event.

func what_to_build() {

You can build whatever you want: websites, programs, mobile apps, anything! All code must be written during the hackathon; however, feel free to use open source libraries and APIs.

func num_people_per_team() {

We recommend working in teams of 3-4 people, though participants in the past have worked solo or in pairs as well. However, if your team would like to submit your project for prize consideration, we have a hard limit of 4 members per team.

func what_to_bring?() {

Photo ID, laptop, cellphone, chargers, sleeping bag, toiletries. Please don't bring alcohol, drugs, or soldering equipment.

func what_can_I_win() {

A panel of judges will decide on the winning hacks based on criteria of creativity, usefulness, technical difficulty, and form. The top prizes are TBA, and will be announced on our devpost page.

func not_a_hacker() {

If you are a company or professional organization, you can help us out by sponsoring the event. If you’re a student, please spread the word about this event to students, friends, and media!

func deadline_to_register() {

Non-Dartmouth-affiliated students may apply up until March 17, 2018. Dartmouth-affiliated students may register up until April 7, 2018.

func get_to_dartmouth() {

We are offering a limited number of travel reimbursements for this event, provided that you are accepted to the event, participate in the event, and submit a project that demonstrates reasonable effort on devpost for judging. We reserve the right to determine what constitutes “reasonable effort,” so please, no “hello worlds.”
We will also be chartering buses from Boston and New York City; more details on buses will be available after registration has closed!

func other_questions() {

Shoot us an email at questions@hackdartmouth.io and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!



We’re offering a few special tracks that will award prizes in addition to our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes! Check out the complete list of prizes on our DevPost!

Data science

Are you an expert in R who’s never touched Javascript? We’re partnering with Dartmouth’s Program in Quantitative Social Sciences to bring you a data science challenge designed specifically for this event! The description and rules can be found here! Do well in the QSS data science project and win the “Best Data Science” prize!


Healthcare projects can involve anything from working with health-related hardware to building an application designed to improve the world’s standard of living. You’ll be judged on the idea, execution, and impact of your project. Teams who create a health-related project will be eligible to win the “Best Health” prize!

Digital Art

Artists and designers, we have a special category for you! Digital arts refers to work that sits at the intersection of technology and art. We are looking for creative projects that merge any art field (visuals, audio, performance, interactive) with digital tools and methods in order to create work that is more than the sum of the parts. Participate in this track to win the “Best Digital Arts” prize!

Dartmouth Community

Dartmouth students, here’s your chance to contribute to your community. Create a project that improves student-life at Dartmouth, or that betters the Upper Valley community as a whole - it’s your choice. Dartmouth students who choose to submit a project in this track can win the “Best Dartmouth” prize!

Amazon Alexa

Attend our Amazon Alexa workshop (hosted with the help of MLH), then borrow an Echo Dot and use your new skills to build something cool! You’ll have the chance to win our “Best Amazon Alexa” prize!


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And a special shout-out to our awesome partners:

The Neukom Institute
DALI Lab at Dartmouth College